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How to Apply Stain & Top Coat 


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About Stains & Topcoats

Tips for success when applying stains Get some pieces of wood and practice to get an idea of how stain works. Work quickly Soaking the wood will not make the wood absorb more stain. The wood absorbs what it absorbs. Apply stain and wipe Follow the direction of the wood Be patient and wait for each … Continue reading About Stains & Topcoats

Buying Upholstery Fabric 101

Every fabric type has a use. Dress fabric will not work for furniture. Make sure you are buying upholstery fabric. Here are some fabric elements to take into consideration: Weight – How thin or thick. For example, you may use fabric that is meant to upholster, to sew curtains, but you should not use a … Continue reading Buying Upholstery Fabric 101