Artwork that Works

Media Room Paloma on the Hill Front View

When it comes to wall art, you are not confined to ready-made artwork, posters or canvas. Have you ever considered using objects that you find interesting? Perhaps beautiful fabric you bought, but you don’t have a use for? What about a family heirloom?

I am using three different items for my tv room wall art. Those are:

  • A disposable cotton tablecloth I acquired at a trade show, aka Valentina
  • Graphic placemats from a children’s store
  • Sections of a Nintendo inspired graphic

Life without art is boring…

Media Room Paloma on the Hill Sans Artwork

Wall art makes a huge difference!

If they are all different, why do they work together? They do because they all have graphic lines. Although they are not the same style there is a common theme.

The artwork becomes cohesive by using the same minimal frames and graphic pillows. The wall paint, coffee table and gray sofa pull it all together.

Media Room Paloma on the Hill Side View

Choosing artwork that goes well with your décor is not an exact science, but they are indeed some rules that ensure success, such as:

  • Don’t go matchy matchy, but having similar tones helps. The image does not need to have your furniture, pillow or wall colors. However, they should either have the same tone or mood.
  • Play with it! You can have different styles of art or illustrations if you have similar frames. Or, you can have similar art and very different frames.
  • Not everything has to be perfectly aligned as long as there is symmetry.
  • Watch the size of the furniture, wall and artwork. Usually, a small picture frame will look silly on top of sofa or a big picture above an armchair. When these combinations do work, is because there are other elements that balance the composition, such as plants, shawls, lamps or sculptures.
  • Watch the scale of the artwork versus the room size. If you have a small room, it might better to have several small frames instead of a large one and vice versa. My tv room is small, but by combining sleek furniture, white light, colors and scale, it looks bigger than what it actually is.

Tells us about your favorite wall art or any interesting items you think might work!

Stay in touch!

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