Paloma on the Hill

Paloma on the Hammock HillI am Paloma and I live on a hill. My intention is to show you can have the home of your dreams with creativity, vision and some elbow grease. Who knows, may be you can help a friend!  A little about me:

  • I am originally from Puerto Rico, English is my second language. I grew up on the prettiest dairy farm on the north coast of the island. None of that skim milk nonsense for me!
    • I have a Fashion Accessory Design background, so I live for shoes, jewelry and wearable knickknacks. I also love furniture, knobs, lamps and textures.
  • My favorite interior design styles are Eclectic, Hollywood Regency, Art Deco, Moroccan and Mid Century. I have a thing for American Federal furniture too. I love the skinny tall legs!
  • On my free time I enjoy the beach, volunteering, cooking and painting furniture.
  • Not sure what happened to music in the last ten years…Sia is pretty cool though.
  • I have Fibromyalgia  which is a sucky condition to have, but whatever, it doesn’t stop me. As a result, I need my hubby to help me with heavy lifting.
  • I can weld, cook Indian food, cut hair and find the best thrift store deals!
  • I only hate two things in life: Okra and Bitter Gourd.
  • I am the proud pet mama of the very mischievous Oliver & Aldo.

Oliver & Aldo,  salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzers.

  • We love snacking on frozen veggies and apples.
  • There is nothing better than running after birds that are too far to catch and lizards that are too fast!
  • We are always behind my mommy, so most projects have our mark.


Terms of Use

First of all, thank you for reading my blog. Please note the following: Your privacy is very important to us. Paloma on the Hill will not share your personal information including name, email or any other information submitted to us. Please note that bullying, lewd language, explicit content, “trolling” and / or any demeaning content and comments … Continue reading Terms of Use

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