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Natural Orchids

I love plants and they make me quite happy. Often, they are the finishing detail to make a décor seem glamorous, warm, modern or relaxing. They add visual interest, clean the air and fill empty space.

However, sometimes the real thing can be a problem. Curious pets and hungry children can cause harm to these beauties or vice versa depending that you ask (dark humor here). Most of the plants that are used in interior design can be toxic. I have Areca and a ponytail palms, which at times have survived ferocious teeth attacks. Good thing I checked with ASPCA before bringing them in!

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to make a beautiful and quality artificial floral arrangement. You can use any flowers or plants you want. Since my décor is happy glam, my arrangement called for white orchids and a silver hammered urn.

Why choose artificial over natural:

  • You forget to water natural plants or you travel often
  • Insufficient natural light
  • Curious children or pets
  • Allergies

You also have the option of buying pre-made arrangements, but where is the fun in that!

Level of difficulty: 1

Time: 30 minutes


  • Quality Artificial Plant (I used orchids)
  • Leaves, greenery or foliage (as needed)
  • Moss
  • Styrofoam, you can buy it but I rather reuse packaging remnants
  • Vase

This is how I do it:

1. Clean the urn and fill it with Styrofoam, not all the way to the top. You need enough to keep the plants in place. Leave room for the moss.

2. Add the moss and make sure you add enough. Styrofoam is not pretty. Why did I use two types of moss? I wanted to have the bright green one on top. You don’t have to do the same.

3. Add the plants, one at a time. Curve them if necessary to add a natural aspect. As you can see from the video, I curved the bottom parts when I wanted them shorter. You can cut them, but before doing so, make sure that is the length and placement you actually want.

I made different heights. Orchids stand upright when they are shorter but as the stems become longer and they produce more flowers , they tend to curve or cascade. The more detailed your arrangement the more natural it will look.

Finished! Nope! It looks kind of weird right? Is because the orchids have no leaves.


4. I bought leaves that are similar in shape and color to the real thing. Again, if you need to add leaves, they need to be placed in a natural manner.

5. Once you are done arranging the plants and greenery. Check too see if more moss if needed. I finished my arrangement by adding some succulents.

Final Orchid

I have a confession. I wasn’t super happy with the final look. I added an additional piece of greenery and know its rocking! Don’t be afraid to add or remove items as you see the need. When it comes to floral arrangements, there is not one perfect combination.

Orchid Finished

Pretty right? Don’t forget to follow us in Instagram and facebook. See you soon!

Tips for success:

  • The planet is full of junk. If you can, try to reuse some Styrofoam from packaging instead of buying new.
  • In order for artificial plants to look nice, they have to be good quality! Try to buy the highest quality you can, this makes a huge difference!
  • You could also use wood chips instead of moss.
  • Unless you are using extremely realistic artificial plants, it is better to stick to solid color urns. Fake stalks are not pretty.
  • You do not have to use a flower vase. The one I used is actually a punch bowl. You can use pitchers, handbags, cookie jars, wood boxes, etc.
  • The vase or urn you choose will make or break your design. Choose accordingly.
  • Balance is important. However, balance doesn’t always mean that everything should be in pairs, symmetrical or matching. In fact, asymmetrical can be perfectly balanced; it is a matter of finding equilibrium in space. Study Japanese floral arrangements.
  • Take cues from nature. See how plants curve or stand.
  • Some plants go better with certain décor. For example, roses tend to be considered classic but can also be used for romantic chic designs.
  • Colored crystals (or pebbles) and gel look cheap 99% of the time.

*Not into artificial plants? If you are bringing natural plants inside and have pets, a reliable source of information is the ASPCA website.

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