Dulce de Leche: A Tasty Treat for your Coworkers


What is Dulce de Leche? Milk and sugar cooked for a long time at a slow temperature., mostly recognized as Argentinean. Why slow? Because otherwise the milk gets burned, Yuk! The result, a glorious, brown, sweet cream.

Dulce the Leche has a very special place in my heart. My uncle who travelled all over the Americas for work, would always bring a huge can from Argentina. One of my favorite memories was my enormously pregnant mother sitting on her rocking chair, in front on the TV, savoring the yummy cream with a spoon.

Time: Ok, let’s be honest about something. Home made Dulce de Leche takes time. At least 3 hours of simmering plus 1 for cooling. Filling and decorating the cup, 10 minutes each. Of the 3 hours, it would be mostly checking everything is going according to plan with the Dulce. Just like when you do a roast. The short answer is about 3-1/2 hours.

However, if you do not have the time, go ahead and buy Dulce de Leche from the Hispanic section of your food market. Just buy a good quality one!



What you need to make a 16 oz cup (adjust as necessary):

  • 14 oz condense milk, good quality please.
  • 1 oz of sliced almonds
  • 1 oz Chocolate morsels or shavings (I like semi-sweet or dark)
  • You could also add peanut butter pieces, coconut flakes, a layer of Nutella. Endless combinations!
  • Kitchen tongs
  • Can opener
  • A big pot
  • Water
  • Décor for the cups (bows, ribbon, tape, scissors)
  • Optional – Make baggies of vanilla wafers or, even better, try to find Maria Cookies from the Hispanic section at the super market. These have a wider surface and aren’t super sweet. The perfect combination!


*If you are using the store-bought version, skip to step #4

Ah, so you are fearless huh? Lets make some Dulce de Leche! There are several ways to achieve this. I always used a classic shortcut, but if your are forgetful and clumsy, this one is not for you. But fear not, below is a link of less adventurous options .

The Shortcut Method: Involves cooking the cans of condensed milk in a large pot of water, at a low temperature (simmering) for three hours. The can must remain covered in water all the time.

How big of a pot? Well, it depends. Are you making one or six cans at a time? The cans can be vertical or horizontally. They need to have space between them and like and a least one inch of water on top.

1. Remove the label from the can and place in the pot. Fill with enough water to cover the can at least one inch from the top up. Why, because water evaporates. The cans need to be completely covered so that the milk can cook evenly.

2. Bring the water to a slow boil and immediately lower the temperature to medium – low (you know your stove, so adjust accordingly). Simmer for three hours, make sure there is always water on top of the can. Do not leave unattended for any reason. You do not have to be right next to the stove but please be around and check it often. Watch for bulging cans (more below).

3. After three hours, turn the stove off and let it cool for an hour. When the can is cool enough to handle, go ahead and open it. Oh la la. Your Dulce should be medium brown.

4. On a clean container, pour the Dulce.

5. Now, add the almonds

6. The chocolate morsels follow.

7. Cover and decorate!


Tips for success and important stuff:

  • Beware of bulging cans! If you see a can that is bulging, use a pair of kitchen tongs and set aside to cool down. With a clean nail, pierce a small hole on top of the can. Bring back to the pot, but now you will have to remove some water so that you do not get any on the top of the can. If you see any Dulce slipping through the hole, just remove it with a spoon.
  • If you need to add water, make sure it is warm or hot. Adding water that is cold will bring the temperature down.
  • Remember, you only boil for second. Three hours of slow simmering! Four if want a firmer Dulce.
  • Not brown but a dark beige? It happens sometimes, it is still good, the flavor is more mellow though. Go ahead, taste it!

Other Dulce de Leche uses:

  • On top of a warm pound cake, yummy!
  • Cake filling
  • Dulce de Leche ice cream
  • Ice Cream Topping
  • With a banana
  • As a pie
  • Crepe filling
  • Just eat it with a spoon!
  • And, let me blow your mind. Take a flour tortilla (burrito), lay some Dulce only on half of the tortilla. Fold the tortilla in half (half circle) and put on your electric griddle or pan at a medium temperature. Cook until the tortilla is crispy. Cut in half and let it cool down. Voila! Just be very careful, because the Dulce will be very, very hot!

Don’t forget to let us know your results and share the yummines with your friends!

Wikihow link to ” 8 Ways to Make Dulce de Leche”

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