A Christmas Family Project



About the Project: Do you love Christmas décor but want something different from your neighbor’s chubby inflatable and the big box store assortments of wire and glitter? Do you want something personal, hands on and fun? Well, then this project is for you! So grab your kiddos, a handsaw and get ready to have some fun.

Nope, this is not a new concept. But, it is cute, easy to make and you can customize it. Everyone can decorate his or her own arrow. You can do it by theme and adjust the color scheme to achieve different looks (old, retro, country).

Level of Difficulty: 2

Time: A weekend. Not because it takes long but because the paint takes time to dry.


  • Wood for the arrows. You can get them pre-made. Check your local craft store.
  • Wood for the pole / stake.
  • Handsaw or power tool.
  • Sand paper
  • Wood glue or a strong one such as epoxy.
  • Clamps or heavy books to hold pieces in place while drying.
  • Craft paint and brushes
  • Stencils for letter if you are a perfectionist
  • Décor pieces by theme (stars, sport theme, Santa’s face, etc.)
  • Light source
  • Drill, drill bits and screws
  • Sketch paper and pencil
  • Cardboard or brown paper to protect your furniture while you paint

How to:

  1. Decide where your arrow pole is going, so you can get your proportions right.
  2. Get some paper, draw your arrows and decide dimensions. Do a rough sketch to see how the colors will look together.
  3. Since you have your arrow dimensions, draw the arrows on the wood prior to cutting so you have a guide to cut them properly. Once the arrows are cut, sand the rough sides a bit.
  4. Cut the pole to the desired length and make a V shape at the bottom to create a stake. When choosing a pole length, remember you will need about 8 – 12 inches to go underground.
  5. Paint the back of the arrows and the pole. Allow to dry.
  6. You are ready to paint your arrows background color.
  7. Align the arrows pointing exactly how you want them. If you do not plan ahead, you could end up with all the arrows pointing to the same side. With a light pencil, draw the words (free hand or stencil). Before you paint, make sure the arrow is pointing to the right direction.
  8. Go ahead and paint those and the additional décor pieces.


9. Once everything is dry. You may start the gluing process. You can use wood glue or epoxy. I wouldn’t use hot glue since this is going to be outside. Regardless of medium ( your glue), you are going to have to either clamp or apply some weight on top of your glued items. Follow the manufacturers instructions and precautions please.

10. Once everything is glued you may proceed to bolt the arrows to the pole.

11. Make the hole for the pole and put in place. Don’t forget a light source. We used a solar spot light.

12. Enjoy!


I am a kid when it comes to Christmas décor. I love grown up, elegant decorations but just in somebody else’s house. I favor childish candy-land themes, elves, color! Color! Color!


Santa Claus town  – “Toy Warehouse”

Your families favorite sport teams – “To Yankee Stadium”

Hobbies – “To Grandpa’s Paint Room”

Locations you want to visit – “ To Machu Pichu”

A movie or game you all like – “ To Rivendell”

Christmas stuff – “ Bethlehem”

Something about each family member – “Dance Queen Quarters”

Make it look like Lego!

Just make it personal! Like my Corcovada arrow, my hometown. And it has a little cow!

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